Welcome to the w8cjs home page.
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This is my ham radio page.

Some of the links haven't been posted yet, because my ham shack is not completely done. I can tell you that my shack will mostly be purchased from Ham Radio Outlette.
Also through W8AMZ Antennas.

You can find out a lot about me by looking at more of this web site, and you can get in touch with me using the following e-mail address.
w8cjs2007@gmail.com You can also follow me on twitter. If you don't have twitter, don't worry, I have a facebook page!

Two of the projects that I am interested in are, Echo link and IRLP.

Check out Tom, k1tj's repeater system and web site at this link.

Check out the wx4nhc web site by clicking here.

WXSpotting program available.

Click here to download the n3FJP WXSpotting program.

These are the clubs or groups related to amateur radio that I support. My views are not always the same as the collective views of these groups, but I do support them, and if there are any differences in filosiphy, oh well, that's life in the big city Clide.

The amateur Radio Relay League.


Please be patient with me as this site is definitely still under construction.

Thanks, and 73,
Chris, w8cjs